Monday, January 2, 2012

Himalayan Sherpa

I've been very slack the past few weeks with Christmas and New Years celebrations but I will resume blogging again =) Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!


Himalayan Sherpa
340 Bridge Rd, Richmond
(Ph) 9428 1240

P's manager owns this restaurant so we thought we'd come give it a try - turns out it's actually in the Cheap Eats Guide too with ☆☆! We booked a table for 7pm on a Saturday but it wasn't too full anyway. P's manager wasn't working on this day but she had told the waiters and her husband that we were there that night =)

The restaurant is very themed with lots of Nepalese decor.

And even a souvenir shop!

Lots of little Nepalese figurines, postcards etc... very cute =) Though the back of it is their storage room =P

We asked the waiter what was good to order and she suggested a few entrees and mains to try =)

For drinks, P S and J all wanted to try the Sarbat - Nepalese refreshing drink made from freshly squeezed lemon $2.50


Sounded fancy, but it was actually very sour =P Like a non-fizzy lemonade =)

I went for the typical Mango Lassi - yoghurt smoothie with mango pulp $3.70

Mango Lassi

And it was delicious! Very thick and full of flavour =) I don't normally like yoghurt but I really liked this!

We ordered a Momo Platter to start - 3 pieces each of steamed Chicken combined with herbs, Vegetable combined with herbs served with sesame & tomato relish, spiced Lamb mince with spinach and cheese dumplings with a juicy sensation $14.90

Momo Platter

Their dumplings are meant to be their specialty - very delicately folded! "momo" is such a funny name for dumplings =P Tasted quite good, like normal Chinese steamed dumplings - couldn't really taste which meat was which, and definitely could not taste the spinach and cheese in the lamb ones =P Nevertheless, the tomato relish was a very nice condiment to the dumplings - that's something different to Chinese dumplings =)

The boys wanted the Aloo Kebab - spiced potato patty stuffed with mouth melting Lamb mince served drizzle of homemade chutney $8.90

Aloo Kebab

So they had read "kebab" and didn't bother reading more, and thought we were getting kebabs as in skewers. When the description very clearly stated it's a potato patty =P But it was a very delicious potato patty! Crunchy on the outside, and mashy with lamb bits inside - plus the sauce, which didn't really taste like a chutney, more like a sweet soy but was yum =)

P's manager had very kindly given us a few freebies. First there was the entree Pakoda - chopped spinach and seasonal vegetable fritters with salad $7.50


Doesn't look very appetizing but looks deceive here! The fritters were crunchy and had the same sweet soy sauce over it. Even though I don't normally like alfalfa, it went well with these fritters =)

Next came the mains - we asked the waiter which ones to pick and she recommended these ones =) Yak Style Lamb Curry - Lamb cooked as "Mountain village Sherpa's yak curry" with potatos and lentils $16.50

Yak Style Lamb Curry

Mountain Goat Curry - traditional and popular curry among the Nepalese people $15.90

Mountain Goat Curry

Actually to be honest, the lamb and the goat curries kinda tasted like each other and after a few bites I got them very mixed up =X The lamb one had bigger bits of meat while the goat one had smaller shreds but the actual curry tasted quite similar =/ or maybe that's our n00b curry tasting lol

Next came Sherpa's Chilli Chicken - oven baked marinated tender chicken fillet with Sherpa's special home grind spices tossed in exotic sauces with cashews and pineapple $15.50

Sherpa's Chilli Chicken

This was quite good! =) We asked for mild so it wasn't very spicy at all. It's very different to normal curries with not much sauce - more like a stir fry.

We got a main for free too =) I'm not sure if it's exactly this one but something like Chickpea Curry - a unique curry with spicy mash potato and garnished with raiti $12.90

Chickpea Curry

Couldn't really taste the spicy mash potato, but it was quite nice. I normally don't like chickpeas but the curry with the raiti gives it some good flavour. Though I gotta say I definitely can't become vegetarian - a whole bowl of chickpeas? lol no thanks =P

Of course we got some Roti - wholemeal pan baked bread (2 per serve) $2.90


Felt a little bit dry, but maybe I'm comparing it to naan and roti is meant to be like this. 

6/10 - not too bad, a mix between Indian and Chinese food =)

4/5 - very good, I guess 'cause they know us =P

3/5 - cosy little restaurant with very themed decor =)

Overall not a bad experience! =)


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