Wednesday, January 11, 2012

St Jude's Cellars

St Jude's Cellars
391 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9419 7411

We were meant to come to Babka Bakery Cafe for lunch with a friend, but when we got there, we found out they were closed for 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years =( how annoying! I didn't bring any Entertainment vouchers (for example for Vegie Bar) so we decided to just walk around and see what looked good. We came across St Jude's Cellars - looked quite nice from the outside and P and I both thought we had heard it was a good place before (?)

We went in and asked for a table for 3 - the waiter made us wait a few minutes before seating us, even though the restaurant was quite empty =/ Most of the chairs are high chairs here - looks kinda cool but not very comfortable sitting on them for a while.

Looks like any other typical old-warehouse-turned-cafe place =P Very Melbournian =)

Fake flowers on our large communal table - not that there was anyone else at our table.

P wanted the Baked eggs with stewed tomatoes, chorizo, cumin, smoked pecorino and toast $11.50 but they had run out for the day! it was 2pm but it was meant to be all day brunch! I wonder what they could have run out of... eggs?! toast?!

He decided to get Chargrilled calamari with chickpeas, coriander, chorizo and seasonal citrus $17.50

This was an utter disappointment - look how empty the dish is?! And the calamaris was SUPER burnt - was so bitter it was horrible. The "seasonal citrus" was mainly blood orange - bitter again =/ There was like 2 pieces of chorizo - how stingy! This dish was so small and so unpleasant it was difficult to eat - but we were quite hungry so somehow stuffed it all down =/ I was just reading other blogs and apparently someone else had tried the calamari and said it was quite tasty?! though theirs didn't look as burnt but still =S Just shows can't really trust what other bloggers say =P

I got the St Jude's cheeseburger on brioche with cheddar, mustard, pickle and shoestring fries $16.50


This was better than P's dish, but the burger was so small and the pile of fries look a bit sad. The burger was quite tasty - melted cheese on toasted brioche though the patty was quite small. Fries were the only decent part of the meal lol.

2/10 - calamari was terrible, cheeseburger was alright but quite small =/

2/5 - quite a nice restaurant though the stools get a bit uncomfotable after a while.

2/5 - took a while seating us down, but the waiters were quite apologetic telling us they ran out of the Baked Eggs.


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