Wednesday, January 25, 2012


200 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 6242

We've walked past Meshiya multiple times before but had never set foot inside, it's always filled with people so thought it must be decent. P's friends were in Melbourne so P suggested we come here for dinner =)

The restaurant is quite a strange long place, and it's quite small with only about 10 tables. It was quite empty when we came -  they sat us at the back alongside the wall of Japanese wines.

I came a bit late so P had already decided what he was going to get - Tempura & Sushi Teishoku - assorted tempura and sushi $23.80. I couldn't really decide what I wanted so P said I should get the Chef's Special Bento - steamed savoury egg custard, assorted raw fish, tempura prawn, eye fillet steak teriyaki, skewed (think they mean skewered? =P) chicken teriyaki $22.80

A few sides came for me first - miso soup, steamed egg custard and my tempura sauce. We thought maybe only I got miso and steamed egg custard so I so very kindly shared my egg custard with - it was very smooth and delicious with bits of scallop inside =)

The rest of my meal came - so much food!

Though it looks better than it tastes - the teriyaki beef and the teriyaki chicken were both very salty =( My tempura was quite good - prawns, eggplant and.. broccoli?! Strange lol. The sashimi was quite fresh and no tendons or anything - quality =)

P's massive plate came - turns out he got a steamed egg custard as well! And miso and a salad! P enjoyed his meal very much though I realised his was pretty much the same as mine except withoi

P also got a Ramune - marble bottled lemonade. He was so fascinated by the marble which he had much difficulties pushing through the bottle =P Though this one didn't taste very nice =/ I used to love these drinks as a kid! Homebrand?

D got the Unagi Bento box - the unagi looks so juicy and thick! I love unagi but would never be allowed to order it 'cause P hates it =(

L got the Tempura Soba set - I took the photo after he started eating =P For some reason his set came like 5 minutes after we got ours - you'd think soba would be very quick but anyway - L said it was quite good. His tempura plate was a bit sloppy though - they gave a massive piece of broccoli and fried it whole, like they were too lazy to cut it up into a more Japanese delicate size =/

6/10 - the teriyaki was quite salty but the steamed egg custard was good =)

3/5 - service at Japanese restaurants are generally quite decent with their cute waiters =P

4/5 - it wasn't too full on this Saturday night so was quite nice sitting at the back

Don't know if I'd come out of my way to come here again but was alright overall..


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