Thursday, January 12, 2012

San Churros

San Churros
QV, 300 Swanston St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9650 6350

After our unpleasant lunch at St Jude's Cellars, we decided to get some afternoon tea at San Churros. I had some Entertainment Vouchers - buy-1-get-1-free Churros and buy-1-get-1-free Drinks. P wanted to get both 'cause he was hungry - we regretted that later =P

We got 2 serves of the Churros for 1 - 3 churros + 1 dip-cup $7.95. We got Dulce de leche (Spanish caramel) and Hazelnut chocolate dips.

I've been growing up thinking churros were something you get get theme parks - we used to always buy them at Dreamworld - they were slightly different, they were always perfectly straight like they came out of a packet. A few years ago, a friend introduced us to San Churros in Melbourne. Back then there weren't any stores in the city or Lygon St. One time we were heading to the Fitzroy store quite late at night, we were tramming there and realised we couldn't make it before midnight, we ended up catching a taxi to take us along Brunswick St. We made it to the store 5 minutes before closing time and the waiter said they could only do take away - we had gotten a box of churros each and sat in the cold to eat them - fun delicious times =) Back then, one serving was about 6 churros covered in icing sugar and it was about $8, the churros were all squiggly so they could never fit in the box nicely - think they've perfected the straightened churro now =P

Now that they've opened so many more stores, their portion sizes have reduced - this serving of 3 churros looks slightly sad and lonely and they don't put as much icing sugar on anymore. But still very tasty and very crunchy =) The Dulce de leche and the hazelnut were slightly thick so it was hard to scoop out with the churros - they only need to heat it up to make it more liquid not that difficult =P Maybe the white/milk/dark chocolate would have been better and more like a dip.

For drinks P got Raspberry Ripe - dark chocolate, chocolate ice-cream & raspberries $7.50 and I got the Banana Lambada - milk chocolate, banana & vanilla ice-cream $7.50

The drinks were massive! P's drink was not very nice =/ the dark chocolate and the raspberry didn't really go well together =S I don't mind dark chocolate but I don't like raspberries, and P thought the drink was too dark for him. Should have got the Crema de fresa (strawberry) - white chocolate, vanilla ice-cream & strawberries though he's not a fan of white chocolate. These were the only 2 berries drinks - he's too fussy =P My Banana Lambada was very tasty though - should have got this when bananas were expensive haha!

We were stuffed after all that - really should have got either the churros or the drinks!

5/10 - was alright but the portion has definitely reduced compared to a few years ago =(

3/5 - you order at the counter, but the waiters came to clear the table very promptly

3/5 - quite peaceful sitting next to the window on the cushioned seats =)


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