Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford
(Ph) 9421 2732

Of course had to take L to brunch in Melbourne - so many awesome brunch cafes that I still had to check out! This time it was Three Bags Full - it's right next to the Vietnamese stretch of Victoria St in Richmond, but it's actually in Abbotsford. ☆☆☆ given by the Cheap Eats Guide! =D

We got there at 10am - there were about 4 groups of people before us, but lucky a few groups of people were finishing up so only had to wait about 10 minutes.

Why do all the cafes have lights dangling on wires from the ceiling?

But slightly different here - they have upside-down teacups hanging off the ceiling too!

It was quite a hot day so both P and L ordered a Watermelon, Strawberry, Apple & Mint Fresh Juice  $6.00 Actually L ordered it first and P had initially ordered a milkshake but then decided he wanted the same thing as L!

So the chef just made 2 serves of the same juice at once - the first cup poured out would have 100% juice while the second cup would have the remaining juice plus the frothy fruit residues. P got the more juice cup and L got the juice + frothy residue cup - poor L! =( You can fully see the difference =P Though the frothy residue should have some fruity goodness right?

They should have broken the mint leaves apart more, couldn't really find the mint taste, and the watermelon was quite overpowering over the other fruits - but was quite a nice refreshing juice =)

Both L and I ordered the Beetroot Cured Salmon - corn, pea & fetta fritter, avocado, rocket + dill sour cream $16.50

Doesn't look too big but was so filling! And delicious =D The fritter was super crunch on the outside - I love ordering fritters at brunch (see St Ali and Mart 130)! Something that's not easily and deliciously made at home =P The beetroot cured salmon was very interesting - the beetroot taste is quite subtle and to one side of the salmon only which was good 'cause i'm not usually a fan of beetroot. The dill sour cream was very tasty with the rocket - tastes kinda like tzaziki but better!

P, of course, ordered the Big Breakfast - eggs, bacon, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, cheese kransky, relish + toast $18.50. He ALWAYS orders Big Breakfast (see Grandma Funks, Tango Charlie..)

Wow they were so generous with their mushrooms - and they're not lousy little things but giant mushrooms! <3 Too bad P doesn't like mushrooms - he gave them all to me and L, and his plate had reduced in size by 1/3 lol. Mushrooms are expensive! The cheese kransky was only half a sausage and looked a bit lousy on the plate even though it was quite tasty =/ The tomato relish was quite good though - pretty sure it's homemade. And I've taught P well - he's finally ordering poached eggs instead of fried eggs - it's so dumb to order fried eggs at a restaurant, you can easily make tasty fried eggs at home but you can't easily make tasty poached eggs! Maybe one day P will like mushrooms too... maybe =P

8/10 - very delicious and original ideas!

3/5 - typical Melbournian cafe atmosphere - communal table, lucky the other customers weren't too loud =P

2/5 - food took like 30mins to come though, we were soo hungry! =(

Definitely worth coming back for!


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